The following guidelines are what are used for conducting our assessments of facilities and are in accordance with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Accessible Parking is marked with appropriate painted wheelchair symbol and is 8’ wide. The ADA guideline requires that accessible parking spaces must have a sign with the international symbol of accessibility posted at least 5 feet above the ground. As the public generally acknowledges ground symbols as an indication of accessible parking, ARI uses that criteria and notes if there are only ground symbols.

Van Accessible Parking has an adequate space that is marked with yellow diagonal lines indicating it as a designated space for vans and minibuses.

V also indicates valet parking is available.


A straight pathway from parking to the entrance of a facility must have curb cuts, elevated ramps or a level path of travel must be established.


Main Entrance must be level and be at least 32” wide – must be measured from the inside of the door frame.


  • Doorway at least 32” wide.
  • Door handles must be latch-type.
  • Handles on sinks must be lever-operated, push-type, or electronically-controlled.
  • Hand towel dispenser must be no more than 48” from the floor.
  • A minimum of 29” space from the floor to the base of the sink in order for wheelchairs to gain access.
  • 60” minimum turnaround must be available in the toilet.
  • Toilet paper dispenser must be 19” maximum height from the floor.
  • Grab bars must measure 33” – 36” from the floor.
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