Anne C. Pappas Center for Breast Imaging


2 Dudley Street, Suite G85
Providence, RI 02905

= Yes = No N/A = Not Applicable

Accessibility Information

Building Accessibility

Accessible Parking

Car – Yes

Van – No

Free valet parking available with handicapped placard 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Accessible parking in Willard Avenue garage; parking fees apply.
Route to main entrance from parking

Curb cuts available – Yes

Clear path with no obstacles – Yes

Route of travel (level or sloped) – Level

Route of travel 36” minimum width – Yes

Ramp – N/A

Handrails 48” maximum height from ground – N/A

Automatic door entry – Yes

Threshold at entry is flat or ½” maximum – Yes

Doorway 32” minimum width – Yes

Elevator Accessibility

Mammography Suite on main floorYes

Doors open for minimum 5 seconds –

Doors 32” minimum width –

60″ turnaround for wheelchair –

Mammography Suite Accessibility

Waiting Room Accessibility

Entrance door 32” minimum width – Yes

Floor space in seating area for wheelchair – Yes

Changing Area

Dressing roomYes

Doorway 32” minimum width – Yes

60″ turnaround for wheelchair – Yes

Changing bench – Yes

Back support to bench – Yes

Grab bars at bench area – No

Changing area available in Mammography room – Yes

Mammography Room

Doorway 32” minimum width – Yes

36” clear pathway to mammography machine – Yes

60″ turnaround for wheelchair – Yes

Imaging plate lowers to 24” above the floor allowing a person to remain seated in wheelchair – Yes

Restroom Accessibility

Door 32” minimum width – Yes

Push door or door handles are latch type – Yes

Turnaround 60” minimum in toilet area – Yes

Two grab bars 36” maximum height from floor – Yes

Toilet paper dispenser 19” maximum height from floor – Yes

Hand towel dispenser 48” maximum height from floor – Yes

Sink has 29” minimum space from floor to base – Yes

Sink faucet is lever operated, push, or electronically controlled – Yes

Exposed pipes under the sink are wrapped – Yes

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